A week without news of Gabriel Cruz, the missing boy in Níjar

A week after his disappearance, Gabriel Cruz, the 8-year-old boy whose trace was lost last Tuesday in Las Hortichuelas, in Níjar (Almería), when he left his paternal grandmother’s house to go play with cousins, still does not appear…

After hundreds of hours of beatings in the environment and despite thousands of people have tracked Las Hortichuelas and other nearby locations such as Las Negras or Rodalquilar, the search still has not yielded results, and the only clue available is a shirt found by the father and your partner in the vicinity of a water treatment plant.

The shirt contains the minor’s DNA and is being analyzed to try to extract from it all the possible information to clarify what happened seven days ago in Las Hortichuelas.

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The delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz, has been confident that this pledge provides more information in the search investigation and has indicated that the researchers are “pending the shirt, through other tests slower.”

He stressed that research is “active, with different lines, we do not focus on one, in fact, new lines are opened in order to monopolize the most complete for the common goal of achieving a positive result.”

Sanz and the Minister of the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, who will visit the area tomorrow, will meet with commanders of the Security Forces and Corps to analyze the latest data of the search, before the head of the Ministry present in the Sub-delegation of the Government of Almería the “Report of Persons Disappeared in Spain of the year 2017”.

The batidas have continued one more day and, as usual, at eight o’clock in the morning, they have begun the searches of the search device, which today has had 50 volunteers and 150 professionals.

The spokesman of the Commandery of Almeria, David Domínguez, has assured that the Civil Guard does not have “foreseen to diminish means for the search”, reason why it keeps in the place the Squadron of Cavalry, the Cynological Service, the Maritime Service, the GEAS, and Citizen Security patrols, among others.

Other professionals have also participated, such as the Local Police of different municipalities, Bomberos de Almería, Granada and Murcia, all of them coordinated by the command center of 112 in Andalusia, which also has three drones at your service.

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Tracking is maintained on the coastline and batches in a “hot zone” with a diameter of 6 kilometers, with “selective” searches in “wells, caves, abandoned farmhouses and areas where nobody usually passes” until the 12 kilometers. ”

In addition, the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía, Gracia Fernández, has indicated that a team of psychologists has been placed at the “request of the family”.

For its part, the Coordination Board of Jusapol (Police Salary Justice) in Almeria has decided to postpone a demonstration, called on March 9, to claim the salary kit of Civil Guard and National Police with other autonomous police bodies, in support of the parents of the minor.

The family of Gabriel Cruz has announced today, in addition, the call for a rally that will take place at noon next Friday in the Almeria capital.

Baby Jorry

This handsome young man is Jorry Rosier. Jorry was born with Down Syndrome. Over 60% of children with Down Syndrome are born with some type of heart defect and Jorry is one of those unfortunate babies. If he was here in the United States, he would have surgery for his Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). In the US, we no longer deny children born with Down Syndrome the right to have life-saving surgeries. That was not the case at one time, not all that long ago. In Haiti, there is no one to do this surgery for him through his parents have tried all avenues. Unfortunately, we’ve learned from past experiences, it seems that some doctors here in the US (who would certainly not deny an American child with Down Syndrome the opportunity to have his heart fixed) will actually refuse to do the same surgery for a child with DS from another country like Haiti. I am not sure why that type of logic still exists. and as a mother of a son with Down Syndrome (who needed heart surgery shortly after we adopted him from Venezuela as an infant 13 years ago), I find I am very unsettled and saddened by this situation.

Jorry deserves the opportunity for a long life, just as all children in the world deserve the best we can give them. We are told that all that God creates is good and that God never makes mistakes. I believe that with my whole heart and each time I look at my son, Gabriel, I see his perfection in new and enchanting ways. Gabe reminds me that our measure of perfection is not God’s. I’ve learned that the way the world defines success is most definitely not the same as God has intended for his children. Each day, God’s love and joy shine through those mischevious eyes and that glorious smile on my Gabe’s face. No child of God should be discriminated against due to a condition like Down Syndrome. I am praying fervently that someone can help find a doctor who would be willing to do the surgery for his little man. His parents are committed and have already gotten a passport for him. Can anyone out there help them?

Dieuna is Out of Hosptial at Last

These sweet little girls are standing watch over little Dieuna who is finally out of the hospital. Dieuna came to the states in May and had her surgery for her hydrocephaly, but has really struggled with complications. A brain infection, skin sores on her large head and many feeding issues have kept her at DuPont Hospital for weeks. We are so thankful to her host family for bravely standing by her as she fought her way through the challenges. Her host mom says she is definitely a fighter and the folks at the hospital have been so supportive. Dieuna is still being fed by NG tube, but Robyn (her host mom) is hoping to try some thickened formula by mouth this week. This little one can use as much prayer as we can send her way as she is not having much voluntary movement in her limbs. Her head was very large prior to surgery and though the surgery was successful at creating an outlet for the fluid, we fear that she may have been compromised in some ways having lived with the extra pressure for so long. We will keep you updated on her progress.

Brenda’s Homecoming

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about at your house, but here at mine, summer is always a bit crazy. Trying to entertain and keep four boys from destroying themselves, each other or the house is almost a full-time job. This is all my way of explaining my absence for the last few weeks! While the house is somewhat quiet, I wanted to take a moment and pass along some photos of Brenda’s homecoming.
I had mentioned earlier that she traveled well and her mom was thrilled to have her home. She is doing well and I was most impressed with the fancy stroller she is sitting in in all the photos.
Pharah returned home last month as well and we will have two other returning to Haiti this month. Right now, three little ones are scheduled to come in the next month or so for surgery. Two to the Philly area and one here in Virginia. There are still many children waiting for surgery in Haiti and we are looking frantically for docs.
Hope your summer is going well!

Host Family Needed in Philly Area!

We are looking for a host family for this sweet little guy. His name is Jean-Withson Charles (Jon). He is just a little over 1 year old and is a real charmer. He smiles and loves attention. We feel he will do very well with the surgery for his hydrocephaly. He has a mother, father, and grandparents who love him very much. They all have come to Port-au-Prince to help him get the care he needs. It is hard to tell by the photos that were sent, but Vanessa has met him and says that he really is interactive and very alert. We want to take care of the extra fluid in his head before he comes more compromised and the possibility of a good outcome diminishes.

Jon will have his surgery at DuPont Children’s Hospital where most of the other children in our hydrocephaly project have received their care. If you feel you can give this handsome little man love and attention for the next three-five months, please let us know ASAP. If you know of anyone else in the Philly area that would be a good host family, please pass the word. We are applying for his visa in the next few weeks and need to line up a host family before he can travel to the US.

Thanks for the help!


Well, I think things are starting to get moving again. We have two children returning to Haiti this week. Nakeyshia is returning after successful heart surgery. I will try and get photos of her soon. Also, Juline (who charmed every single person she has met since arriving only a few short months ago) will be heading home as well. Juline did incredibly well with her surgery for hydrocephaly and we are so happy that her parents will get to see her smiling face within the next week!

A special thanks to my wonderful partner in all of this…VANESSA! While I was sunning myself at Myrtle Beach this last week, she was driving up to PA to retrieve these little ones so that she can take them to Haiti with her. I haven’t been to Haiti in a long time as Chedner’s medical issues are keeping me hopping, but I do want to get down there again soon. Until I do go, I remain extremely appreciative that Vanessa is handling that load all by herself…

We have two little boys heading this way for surgery for hydrocephaly. Jon and Chris will be coming back with Vanessa and her son Omri when they return in a few weeks. There are two other children we hope to have surgery arranged for within the next month as well.

My AMH email is not working. Neither is Vanessa’s. So until we get it fixed, please email me at my home email which is [email protected] and Vanessa at [email protected]

Many thanks to all!